Meet Child Model Teslyn Johnson

Teslyn Johnson attended the LAUNCH showcase with SMASH Talent in June 2014. The following month she signed with BMG Models. Teslyn has shot editorials with one of our favorite photographers, Travis Dewitz, and has been featured numerous times by Vogue Italia.

Teslyn J BMG Models SMASH Talent

Teslyn J., LAUNCH Showcase participant with SMASH Talent, represented by BMG Models.

“I model because I like to be a chameleon and blend in my surroundings and change my body to look different ways. I love to go through my high fashion magazines, study the pictures and write notes about the models and outside the box poses that I want to try.” – Teslyn Johnson

"Girl's Imagination Plays in the Shadows of Twiggy"
 Photographer: Travis Dewitz

“Teslyn has a unique natural ability in front of a camera and is amazing at what she does,” Dewitz said.

Smash Talent Teslyn J Vogue Italia

Teslyn J., Alice in Wonderland Series by Travis Dewitz, Vogue Italia.

Vogue Italia Model Teslyn SMASH Talent

Teslyn J., Rotkäppchen: A Vintage Tale of Dark Shadows by Travis Dewitz, Vogue Italia.

Model Teslyn SMASH Talent Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia Model Teslyn J., Photo Travis Dewitz

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