Talent Submission

Are you ready to break through?

SMASH Talent represents different types of models, actors, musicians, and artists of every age, size, and ethnicity. Submit photos to SMASH Talent by Email or attend an open call.

To be contacted for our next OPEN CALL fill out the form below:

Email Submissions:

To submit photos to SMASH Talent, please send photos along with your name, measurements (height, weight, bust, chest, hips, waist), age, hair color, eye color, a contact phone number and your Email to smashtalentnewfaces@gmail.com.

Photo Requirements:

Professional photos are not necessary – in fact, color snapshots, smart phone photos even, are preferred. Have a friend or family member take them for you. We request that you send at least one clear full face head shot and one clear full-length body shot. The most important thing is that we see a natural you. No makeup is needed. You can send a composite, if you have one, along with the face and body digital photos.

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