Win A Free Photo Shoot

The best and most talented photographers in the industry work to create professional head shots, composite cards and portfolios for SMASH Talent. Throughout the year, SMASH Talent awards a FREE photo shoot with one of our photographers!

Check out a few of the amazing photos of SMASH Talent models, actors, singers and dancers below!

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Sophia Spentzas

Sofia-SpentzasSophia is an award-winning photographer, designer, and the founder of Spiral Art Design. With over thirteen years of professional experience, her work can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, websites, homes and businesses around the world. Sofia’s passion for photography and her love for travel is evident in her work. This Chicago native has a unique style and strives to capture emotion in every photograph.

Travis Dewitz

Travis-DewitzTravis is an innovative high fashion photographer who has been passionately taking photos since childhood. His amazing photographs can be seen in books and magazines throughout the world. Photography is in his soul, and he is thrilled to be successfully doing something he loves. He prides himself on quality, creativity and making his clients feel completely trusting and at ease, which indisputably shows in his pictures.

Miles Schuster

Miles-SchusterMiles Schuster is world-class photographer and a modest, passionate, pragmatic artist with an inherent ability to capture beauty. Miles has worked on in all areas of the entertainment industry, including: print, digital media, fashion shows, event coordination, and advertising campaigns. Awarded often for his work in industry competitions, the “Miles Schuster” brand has become synonymous with STYLE. Miles’ images show depth, inspiration, contradiction, artistic fallacy, intense empathy and create images that generate interest and exposure for up and coming stars.

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